South Lake Tahoe + Carson Valley Travel Guide

Kroger Clicklist

I worked with Kroger as a partner to promote Kroger Clicklist - a grocery pick-up and delivery option from the grocery chain. 

Measuring and Monitoring Blood Sugar with OneTouch

I worked on a series of video content with the OneTouch brand to show the uses for everyday living with the OneTouch Verio Flex meter, and the OneTouch reveal mobile app. The purpose of the videos was to show real-world application of the tools for people with diabetes. 

San Marzano Tomatoes with WalMart

I worked with WalMart to develop a recipe including a key product - San Marzano Tomatoes. The project included - dining at a restaurant, and trying a dish to pull inspiration for my own recipe using all local ingredients. 

Visit South Lake Tahoe

I was tapped to stay in South Lake Tahoe and write a travel blog about the experience. My accommodations were paid for, and I was given access to a popular food festival in the area. 

Healthline: Diabetes Friendly Recipes

For the holidays, I worked with health and wellness website Healthline, to talk about eating will with type 2 diabetes. I presented some recipes from HangryWoman.com and talked through how to make them and why they're diet-friendly with nutritionist, and certified diabetes educator, Lori Zanini! 

Be Mixed – Skinny Margarita

In this project with Be Mixed, I created a blood sugar friendly margarita to help people with diabetes feel like they could enjoy a cocktail without the effect of blood sugar spikes.